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Briggs and Stratton Fuel System Parts

Buy genuine OEM and aftermarket Briggs and Stratton fuel system parts for push mower engines, riding mower engines, utility engines, snow blower engines, commercial engines, racing engines, portable generators, pressure washers, and air compressors. Get fast shipping and low prices from Power Mower Sales! Can't see the specific part you're looking for? Try searching with a part number or model number using our interactive parts lookup.

If you have any questions regarding your model or a specific parts, please call our sales team at 1-800-704-4241.

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5091K Briggs and Stratton Shut-Off Valve
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5097K Briggs and Stratton Fresh Start Cartridge
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5414K Briggs and Stratton Fuel Hose With Clamps
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593171 Briggs and Stratton Valve-Fuel Shut Off

Part Number: 593171

Model Info: 103M02-0001-F1, 103M02-0002-F1, 103M02-0003-F1, 103M02-0004-F1, 103M02-0005-F1, 103M02-0006-F1, 103M02-0007-F1, 103M02-0008-F1, 103M02-0009-H1

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593879 Briggs and Stratton Clamp-Hose

Part Number: 593879

Model Info: 305440-0033-G1, 305440-0033-G2, 305440-0218-E1, 305440-0218-G1, 305440-0252-G1, 305440-0252-G2, 305440-0328-G1, 305440-1409-E1, 305440-1409-G1

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595319 Briggs and Stratton Valve-Fuel Shut Off

Part Number: 595319

Model Info: 13L132-0111-F8, 13L132-0112-F8, 13L132-0115-F8, 13L132-0129-F8, 13L132-0310-F8, 13L132-1117-F8, 13L132-1118-F8, 13L132-1123-F8, 13L152-0125-F8

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691370 Briggs and Stratton Strainer-Fuel

Part Number: 691370

Model Info: 185430-0099-01, 185430-0299-E1, 185430-0399-B1, 185430-0399-E1, 185432-0035-01, 185432-0035-02, 185432-0037-01, 185432-0038-01, 185432-0041-01

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691962 Briggs and Stratton Strainer-Fuel

Part Number: 691962

Model Info: 243431-0010-99, 243431-0020-99, 243431-0021-99, 243431-0022-99, 243431-0023-99, 243431-0024-99, 243431-0112-99, 243431-0116-99, 243431-0118-99

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692008 Briggs and Stratton Valve-Fuel Shut Off

Part Number: 692008

Model Info: 294440-0414-01, 294440-0478-01, 294440-1114-A1, 294440-1178-A1, 294442-0102-01, 294442-0315-01, 294442-0318-01, 294442-0347-01, 294442-0357-01

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697090 Briggs and Stratton Pump-Fuel

Part Number: 697090

Model Info: 210807-0110-E1, 212702-0116-E1, 212702-0117-E1, 212707-0050-E1, 212707-0113-E1, 212902-0122-E1, 212902-0127-E1, 212902-0129-E1, 212907-0114-E1

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698180 Briggs and Stratton Shut-Off Valve

Part Number: 698180

Model Info: 110402-0109-E1, 110402-0161-E1, 110402-0180-E1, 110402-0182-E1, 110402-0191-E1, 110402-0206-E1, 110402-0218-E1, 110412-0023-E1, 110412-0038-E1

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698181 Briggs and Stratton Valve-Fuel Shut Off

Part Number: 698181

Model Info: 093412-0011-01, 093412-0011-02, 093412-0015-01, 093412-0039-01, 093412-0060-01, 093412-0136-01, 093412-0136-02, 093412-0139-01, 093412-0150-01

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698182 Briggs and Stratton Valve-Fuel Shut Off

Part Number: 698182

Model Info: 192402-0015-01, 192402-0100-01, 192402-0127-01, 192402-0132-01, 192402-0145-02, 192402-0515-A1, 192402-0645-A1, 192402-0645-A2, 192402-1015-E1

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698183 Briggs and Stratton Fuel Shut-Off Valve

Part Number: 698183

Model Info: 100602-0001-H8, 100602-0002-H8, 100602-0004-H8, 100602-0008-H8, 100602-0012-H8, 100602-0015-B1, 100602-0015-E1, 100602-0016-H8, 100602-0025-B1

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698549 Briggs and Stratton Valve-Fuel Shut Off

Part Number: 698549

Model Info: 121132-0110-B8, 121132-0112-B8, 121132-0113-B8, 121132-4120-B8, 121132-4121-B8, 121132-4137-B8, 121132-4138-B8, 121132-4159-B8, 121132-5120-H8

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