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Billy Goat Bearings and Bushings

Buy genuine OEM and aftermarket Billy Goat bearings and bushings for wheeled blowers, leaf vacuums, debris loaders, overseeders/power rakes, aerators, sod cutters, brushcutters, and pressure washers. Get fast shipping and low prices from Power Mower Sales! Can't see the specific part you're looking for? Try searching with a part number or model number using our interactive parts lookup.

If you have any questions regarding your model or a specific parts, please call our sales team at 1-800-704-4241.

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520184 Billy Goat Bushing Flange
Part Number:520184
Specs: 1" (OD) X 3/4" (ID)
Model: AE1300H, FM3301E, FM3301EB, HP3400, SC180H
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370137 Billy Goat Bearing 35 x 62 x 14 6007-2RS
Part Number:370137
Specs: 35 x 62 x 14
Model: SC121H
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840017 Billy Goat Bearing 1/2 ID
Part Number:840017
Model: MV600SPE, MV650H, MV650SPH
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350133 Billy Goat Bearing 3/4in. Cast P Block
Part Number:350133
Model: AE401, AE401H, AE401H5T, AET48, OS551H, OS552, OS552H, PR550, PR550H, QV550HSP, QV900HSP
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500101 Billy Goat Bearing 7/8in. ID Sealed Press
Part Number:500101
Model: BC2402H, BC2402HE, BC2402IC, BC2402ICE, BC2403H, BC2403HEB, BC2403IC, HW651HS, HW651SP
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510149 Billy Goat Spanner Bushing with Hole
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520034 Billy Goat Bushing Caster Spacer
Part Number:520034
Model: FM3301E, FM3301EB, HP3400
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610370 Billy Goat Mandrel Hub GZ with Set Screw and Bearing (Use 610370-S)
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Not for Sale.
610370-S Billy Goat Mandrel Hub GZ with Set Screw and Bearing
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360183 Billy Goat Pivot Bushing
Part Number:360183
Model: AE401, AE401H, AE401H5T, AE401V, BC2600HEBH, BC2600HH, BC2600HHEU, BC2600HM, BC2600HMF, BC2600ICH, BC2600ICHEU, BC2600ICM, OS900SPH, OS900SPS
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520008-03 Billy Goat Ball Bearing 6305-25
Part Number:520008-03
Model: FM3301E, FM3301EB
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