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Billy Goat Wheels and Tires

Buy genuine OEM and aftermarket Billy Goat wheels and tires for wheeled blowers, leaf vacuums, debris loaders, overseeders/power rakes, aerators, sod cutters, brushcutters, and pressure washers. Get fast shipping and low prices from Power Mower Sales! Can't see the specific part you're looking for? Try searching with a part number or model number using our interactive parts lookup.

If you have any questions regarding your model or a specific parts, please call our sales team at 1-800-704-4241.

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830540 Billy Goat Caster & Braket LH Assy Semi-PNEU VQ
Part Number:830540
Model: VQ1002SP, VQ902SPH
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440054 Billy Goat Wheel & Tire 13in. X 5in. Pneumatic
Part Number:440054
Specs: 13" x 5"
Model: F1301H, F1302H, F1402S, F1801V, F1802V, F800, F901H, F901S, F902H, F902S, QV550, QV550H
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360334 Billy Goat Tire & Wheel 8in. Assy
Part Number:360334
Specs: 8" X 1/2" (Inside Diameter)
Model: AE401, AE401H, AE401H5T, AE401V
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350103 Billy Goat Wheel 8.0in. X 5/8in. Bearing
Part Number:350103
Specs: 8 (inch)
Model: OS551H, OS552, OS552H, PR550, PR550H
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360388 Billy Goat Wheel 10.5in. Semi PN. W3/4in. Keyed Hub
Part Number:360388
Specs: 3/4" (Diameter)
Model: AE401, AE401H, AE401H5T
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400295 Billy Goat Wheel Assy 10 in. Pneumatic
Part Number:400295
Model: F1301H, F1302H, F1302SPH, F1402S, F1801V, F1802SPV, F1802V, F601HS, F601S
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441123 Billy Goat Wheel 8in. X 0.5
Part Number:441123
Specs: 8" (Outside Diameter) x 0.5"
Model: F601HS, F601S, HP3400
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500343-S Billy Goat Wheel & Tire 16in. XTRAC LH
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500344-S Billy Goat Wheel & Tire 16in. XTRAC RH
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500366 Billy Goat Wheel & Tire 16in. SP LH
Part Number:500366
Model: BC2403H, BC2403HEB, BC2403IC
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520077 Billy Goat Bracket Caster FM WA
Part Number:520077
Model: FM3301E, FM3301EB
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800347 Billy Goat Protector Wheel Assy
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840101 Billy Goat Wheel 14in. Assembly With Bearing And Tire
Part Number:840101
Specs: 14 (Inch)
Model: MV600SPE, MV650H, MV650SPH
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890242 Billy Goat Wheel With Sprocket Ass'y Cast ( 21, 94, 95, 96) (Use 890242-S)
Part Number:890242
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Not for Sale.
900509 Billy Goat Wheel Ass’y (incl. items 21) (Use 900509-S)
Part Number:900509
Model: KD512HC, KD512HCS, KD612, KV600, KV600FB, KV600SP, KV600SPFB, KV650H, KV650HFB, KV650SPH, KV650SPHFB, TKV650SPH, TKV650SPHFB
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