Cub Cadet Shear Pin (.25 x 1.50 GR2) 738-05273

Cub Cadet Shear Pin (.25 x 1.50 GR2) 738-05273

Part Number:738-05273
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Genuine Cub Cadet SHEAR PIN .25 x 1.50 GR2 738-05273

Multiple-stage snow throwers have shear pins or shear bolts connecting the augers to the cross shaft that drives the augers. These pins or bolts are sacrificial parts designed to break when the snow thrower takes an impact load, such as a large rock, that might have damaged more expensive parts along the entire powered auger system. Replace a broken shear pin with a new shear pin.

IMPORTANT: Each design of shear pin is engineered specifically for each model series of snow thrower or snow throwing tractor attachment. Always use only the shear pins or bolts that were designed specifically for your snow thrower.

The correct part number for the shear pin or bolt is listed in the Operator's Manual for your model series snow thrower.

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