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Scag Spindles

Buy genuine OEM and aftermarket Scag spindles for lawn mowers, zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers, and walk-behind mowers. Get fast shipping and low prices from Power Mower Sales! Can't see the specific part you're looking for? Try searching with a part number or model number using our interactive parts lookup.

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5061033 Aftermarket Scag Spindle Assembly
Part Number:285-201
Specs: 5/8" (ID) 1" (OD) X 7 3/16" (Height)
Model: 050194 Lesco (285-201), 1530301 Ferris (285-201), 285-201 Spindle Assembly Scag 461663, 285-201 Spindles & Shafts & Housings (285-201)
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461663 Aftermarket Scag Spindle Assembly
Part Number:285-597
Specs: 1 1/8" (OD) X 7" OVERALL (Height)
Model: Cheetah, Sabre Tooth Tiger, Tiger Cub, Tiger Cat, Turf Tiger and Wildcat with 52" Advantage decks
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461950 Scag Spindle Assembly
Part Number:461950
Model: SFW36-16BV (S/N E5600001-E5699999), SFW36-16BV (S/N F9100001-F9199999), SFW48-16BV (S/N E5700001-E5799999), SFW48-16BV (S/N F9200001-F9299999)
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461663 Scag Spindle
Part Number:461663
Model: SCZ48V-22FX (Cheetah) (S/N J9600001-J9699999), SCZ48V-22FX (Cheetah) (S/N L6100001-L6199999), SCZ48V-23CV (Cheetah) (S/N J9700001-J9799999)
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43590 Scag Bottom Spindle
Part Number:43590
Model: SCR42-25CH (S/N 7530001-7539999), SCR48-25CH (S/N 7540001-7549999), SCR48-27KA (S/N 7550001-7559999), SCR52-25CH (S/N 7560001-7569999)
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